Visual-Rich Digital Content with 3D/2D Visual for Self-Learning and Teaching Aid Enhanced Learning Experience - Visually.

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Visual Learning Solution

LearnEngg has Developed Visual Learning Solutions for theory subjects, where in each subject containing 400 to 600 pages of text & over 200 3D/2D Animation that are embedded throughout the lecture notes and solved tutorial problems. Self-assessments are provided for each chapter.

3D/2D Animation to facilitate the teacher to a virtual environment for the better understanding and developing cognitive skills among the students.

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  • Till 31st August 2020
  • 120 Hours of content
  • 300 Animation
  • 1350 Pages of content
  • Solved Problems, Quiz and Many More learning Resources

Polytechnic courses


  • Till 31st August 2020
  • Full Access of 110 Subjects
  • Covers 9 Branches
  • Suitable for all state syllabus
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  • 9500 Hours of content
  • 17000 Animation
  • 66000 pages of content
  • 4250 Solved Problems
  • 9350 Quizes and many more learning Resources

Engineering courses


  • Till 31st August 2020
  • Full Access of 75 Subjects
  • Covers 6 Branches
  • Suitable for all Technical university syllabus
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  • 4500 Hours of content
  • 13280 Animations
  • 52560 pages of content
  • 4580 Solved Problems
  • 6859 Quizes and many more learning Resources


World Largest Visual Rich Digital Content Database for Technical Education.













Academic Approach

  • Each Subject Contains-Over 600 slides texts, 2D illustrated Drawings, Assessments, Derivations & exercises along with 3D animation of real-life applications & industry practices.
  • All these are embedded into the Subjects helping students to understand concepts and its application enabling them to perform in examination and job interviews with a focus of transforming them “Industry- Ready”.
  • LearnEngg brings standardized contents thinning-down the rural-urban colleges standard gap and bridging between industry expectations and institutes. Visual Learning
  • Solutions Creates a personalized learning experience for each learner, by incorporating Blooms taxonomy Principals into the platform.
  • With Standardize content developed by qualified faculties our platform will be ideal solution to curb Dearth of qualified faculties and the current very low employability of youth by Ensuring equal quality of content for rural and urban colleges.


It is developed as per Respective University Syllabus.

Visual-rich Accelerated Learning-cum-Teaching Tool – Adequate bulleted texts, 2D illustrated images, derivations and exercises as authoritative / world-standard content, supplemented with a large number of 3D animations of real-life applications and industry practices with Voice over, aptly embedded into the syllabus facilitating quick grasp of the concepts and its applications enabling the student to perform his/her examination and job interviews with great success – 3DM ClassRoom thus transforming students from different environment “Industry-Ready”.

An excellent Teacher-Aid: This ensures that the teacher has the best base content with large number of 3D visuals, to adopt for his lecture focusing more on effective delivery than on material preparation. Features include “interactive pen” to highlight key points / draw new diagrams; “Note Pad” to add new notes; right-sized font and color scheme for clear visibility without darkening the class room; zoom features to cover over 60 students, if need be, in a classroom.

Non-Linear method of Teaching and Floating window – The total subject can be traversed for quick reference by click of a button – content-navigation is made easy like a book. Pictures / images are made floating so that it could be stationed on any part of the screen, while viewing through multipage derivations / problems / exercises.

Global Standards in Engineering Education: Authored by eminent professors and subject experts from Academia and Industry, 3DM ClassRoom facilitates building excellence in the Technical / Vocational Education and skill development / training to meet the knowledge challenges of the 21st century and hence transform our country as a global knowledge leader.

Easy to Use and Highly User Friendly Interface

Home panel tools for easy access: Home panel tools to view Content menu, Course Objectives, Syllabus, Reference Books, Direct Access to Content/Demonstrations, Bookmarks, Formulas, University Question papers, Assessment, Acknowledgement, Contacts and Help File.

  • Reference text books for given topic/subject.
  • Links to other open resource.
  • Summary of Units and Measurements across the subject.
  • A summarized table detailing all formulae across the subject.

  • Solved Problems with visual explanations.
  • Important formulae for quick review.



  • Improved Comprehension and retention.
  • Better attention and attendance in the class room.
  • Significant improvement in score of the average student leading to Positive shift in Mean Score of the class.
  • The students would respond better to 3D Visual medium and this stimulation trigerring higher order thinking skills in them.
  • The product takes away the boredom of passive lecture notes and brings in diversity through the multimedia and inter-personal nature of the product, with participation both by the teacher and the taught. Hence, resulting in more attention of the students in the class room.
  • Language independence.
  • Making them Industry-ready.


  • Best practice followed by the experienced teachers available to conduct the class.
  • Better quality of material available for explanation.
  • Standardisation of the course content and flexibility to introduce well researched material.
  • Time to complete the course is reduced which can be used for tutorial etc.
  • Since the teacher would spend little or no time on blackboard writings, they will have more time for problem solving, as well as discussing university examination papers.
  • The product would fast-track the process of developing effective and efficient teachers.


  • Enhanced Employability of the outgoing students.
  • Addressing the core issue of lack of faculties in general and particularly in the rural areas.
  • Supplementing lack of industry visits by virtually bringing the Industry practices into the classroom.
  • Complementing lack of adequate infrastructure in terms of huge equipments and models with each institute.
  • Pleasantly compelled to complete the syllabus within allocated duration.
  • Improved attendance.
  • Class room content standardization across the state including rural / remote locations where internet connectivity is poor / lacking.
  • Increase availability of employable resources for industry to Grow.

3D/2D visuals are well annotated in simple English so that the students from rural areas and those who have studied in their vernacular language in school, could clearly and quickly understand and comprehend the Technical concepts and applications and thus circumventing language dependence and enhances the pass % both in the examination and employability, of even weaker students from different environments.

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