Linear ICs and Applications

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  • 85 - 3D/2D Animation
  • 462 Pages of Content
  • 90 Lecture Hours
  • 3 Solved Problems
  • 224 Quiz
  • Suitable for All Technical University Syllabus

Course Description

This course is designed to give you broad and application skills about IC manufacturing. It provides the comprehensive coverage of operational amplifiers, 555 timer, PLL and Converters.


  • Know about the IC manufacturing process
  • Understand signal analysis using op-amp based circuits
  • Study about the applications of op-amps
  • Know about IC 555 timer and PLL
  • Gain knowledge about instrumentation amplifier, Converters

Introduction to ICs- Introduction to integrated circuits - Evolution of integrated circuits - Advantages and disadvantages of ICs.ICs based on manufacturing process- Classification of ICs. Manufacturing process of monolithic IC - Manufacturing process of monolithic IC. Fabrication of components - Fabrication of resistors - Fabrication of capacitor - Fabrication of diode - Fabrication of transistor. Different IC packages - Types of IC packages. Levels of integration - Levels of integration. Surface mount technology - Surface Mount Technology (SMT) - Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) - Mounting of SMCs - Soldering. Advantages of SMT over pin through hole - Advantages of SMT over pin through hole mounting.


Differential Amplifier- Introduction to differential amplifier – Circuit of differential amplifier - Operation of differential amplifier - Advantages and applications of differential amplifier.Operational amplifier- Introduction to operational amplifier - Circuit symbol of Op-Amp - Requirements of Operational Amplifier - Specifications of ideal Op-Amp. Characteristics of Op-Amp - Voltage Gain (AV) - Input and Output Impedance (Zi and Zo) - Input offset voltage and Input offset current - Offset voltage swing and Bandwidth - Input bias current and Input capacitance - Large signal voltage gain and Slew Rate - Gain bandwidth product and Supply current - Ideal and Practical values for op-amp. CMRR and Need for High CMRR - Definition for CMRR - Need for High CMRR - Limitations of discrete Op-Amp. Integrated circuit (IC) Op-Amp– Block diagram of IC operational amplifier. Pin Diagram of IC 741 packages - Pin diagram of IC 741 packages. Power supply requirements of Op-Amp – Power supply requirements - Configuration of op-amp with power supply. Non-inverting amplifier - Circuit diagram of non-inverting amplifier - Input and output resistance of non-inverting amplifier.Inverting amplifier and voltage follower - Inverting amplifier - Circuit diagram of inverting amplifier - Input and output resistance of inverting amplifier - Circuit diagram and operation of voltage follower - Advantages and applications of voltage follower. IC voltage regulators -Introduction to IC voltage regulator - Block schematic of Regulated Power Supply (RPS) - Factors affecting the load voltage - Power supply performance parameters.Types of voltage regulators- Types of voltage regulators - Advantages of IC voltage regulators.Inverting comparator- Protection circuit in regulators - Constant current limiting circuit - Foldback current limiting circuit. LM78XX, 79XX Fixed voltage regulators - Three Terminal Fixed Voltage Regulators - Block Diagram of Basic Three Terminal IC Regulator - Data Sheet Specifications of IC Linear Regulators - IC Series of Three Terminal Fixed Voltage Regulators - Typical Connection of IC 7805 Regulator - Positive 5 V Power Supply using IC 7805 - Adjustable Regulator using 78XX Series - Applications of IC 78XX and 79XX - Datasheet Specifications of IC 7805 - Boosting Regulator Output Current. Three terminal adjustable regulator : LM 317 - Three terminal adjustable regulator : LM 317 - Connection diagram of LM 317 regulator - Solved problems based on voltage regulator. General Purpose Linear IC 723 Regulator - General Purpose Linear IC 723 Regulator - Important Features of IC 723 - Internal Structure of IC 723 - Specifications of IC Regulator 723 - Applications of IC 723.


Open loop operation of op-amp-Feedback - Effects of negative feedback of an amplifier. Summing and Difference amplifier- Summing amplifier - Difference amplifier. Integrator and Differentiator - Integrator - Input and output waveforms of integrator – Differentiator - Input and output waveforms of differentiator.Isolation Amplifiers-Need of isolation amplifier - Operation of isolation amplifier. Comparator - Introduction to comparator - Non inverting comparator - Inverting comparator. Square wave generator using op-amp - Square wave generator - Operation of square wave generator.Triangular wave generator using op-amp - Operation of triangular wave generator - Saw tooth wave generator using op-amp - Saw tooth wave generator. Wien bridge oscillator using op-amp - Wien bridge oscillator - Wien bridge oscillator design. Astable multivibrator - Introduction of Astable multivibrator - Collector coupled Astable multivibrator. Bistable multivibrator - Introduction of bistable multivibrator - Collector coupled bistable multivibrator. Monostable multivibrator - Introduction of monostable multivibrator - Collector coupled monostable multivibrator. Applications of multivibrators - Applications of multivibrators.


IC 555 timer - Introduction of IC 555 timer - Functional block diagram of IC 555 Timer. Astable multivibrator using IC 555 - Astable multivibrator using IC 555. Monostable multivibrator using IC555 - Monostable multivibrator using IC555. Phase Locked Loop (PLL) - Introduction of Phase Locked Loop - Block diagram of PLL - LM 565 PLL. Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) - Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). Lock range and capture range of PLL - Different stages in PLL operation - Lock range and capture range of PLL. Applications of PLL - Applications of PLL - Phase sensitive detection - FM demodulation and AM detection. Frequency multiplier using PLL - Introduction of Frequency multiplier - Working of frequency multiplier. FM demodulator using PLL - Introduction of FM demodulator - FM demodulator using LM565C. Analog Multiplier – Analog voltage multiplier circuit – Analog voltage divider circuit.


Instrumentation amplifier–Requirements of instrumentation amplifier - Block Diagram of instrumentation amplifier - Circuit Diagram of instrumentation amplifier. I-V and V-I converter - Current to voltage converter - Voltage to current converter - Application of I-V and V-I converter. A/D and D/A converters - Need for A/D converters - Definition of A/D and D/A converters. Principle and specifications of DACs - Basic principle of DAC - Specifications of D/A converter. Digital to analog converters - R-2R ladder DAC - Binary Weighted resistor DAC - Disadvantages of weighted resistor DAC.Analog to digital converters- A-D converters - Flash A/D converter - Counter type A/D converter - Servo tracking A/D converter - Successive approximation A/D converter - Dual Slope A/D converter.