Automobile Power Plants

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Course Description

This learning solution explains about Engine construction, I.C Engines, Inlet and Exhaust System,Fuel supply system in Automobile engine, lubrication system,Cooling system and Fuel and Combustion.


  • To know about the engine and its Components
  • To know about the two stroke and four stroke Petrol and Diesel engine
  • Understand the working of Carburetor, Fuel pump and its type
  • Understand the Fuel supply system in automobile engine
  • To know about the lubriaction and it types of lubrication
  • To know about the cooling and it types of cooling System
  • Understand the combustion of IC engine and SI engine

Engine - History and development of automobile - Engine Constructional Details - Engine Components - Materials and Functions of Engine Components. Classification of Engine - Types of heat engines. Construction of Engine - Construction of Engine. Engine Components - Engine Components. Gasket - Gasket - Piston - Piston - Types of Piston. Piston Rings - Piston Rings - Compression Ring - Oil Ring - Piston Clearance - Piston Clearance - Piston Pin - Materials used for Engine Components. Connecting Rod and Bearing Caps - Connecting Rod - Materials used for Engine Components. Crankshaft, valve and camshaft - Crankshaft - Valve and camshaft. Firing Order - Firing Order - Typical Firing Orders - Power Balance Chart. Vibrations - Vibrations - Types of Vibration Damper. Bearings and Flywheel - Bearing - Requirements of Engine Bearings - Flywheel. Inlet and Exhaust Manifolds - Manifold - Considerations for a good Inlet and Exhaust Manifold. Valves - Valve and camshaft - Engine Classification Based on Valve Arrangement - Valve Timing - Valve Operating Mechanisms.


Classification of Engine -Classification of I.C. Engines. Four Stroke Petrol Engine - Construction of four Stroke Petrol Engine - Four Stroke Petrol Engine. Two Stroke Petrol Engine - Construction of a two stroke Petrol Engine - Two Stroke Petrol Engine - Scavenging methods. Comparison of 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke Petrol Engines - Comparison of Two and Four Stroke Engine. Valve Timing Diagrams - Valve Timing Diagram - Theoretical Valve Timing Diagram for Four Stroke Petrol Engine - Actual Valve Timing Diagram. Port Timing Diagram - Port-Timing Diagram 2-stroke Engine. Four Stroke Diesel Engine - Construction of four stroke Diesel Engine - Working of Four Stroke Diesel Engine. Two Stroke Diesel Engine - Construction of Two stroke Diesel Engine - Working of Two-Stroke Diesel Engine. SI Engine and Combustion Chambers - Combustion Chamber - Types of Combustion Chambers for SI Engines. CI Engine Combustion Chambers - CI Engine Combustion Chambers - Direct Injection Chamber. Indirect Combustion Chamber - Indirect-Injection Chambers. Air cell Combustion Chamber - Air-cell Combustion Chamber - Advantages and Limitations.


Air Cleaners - Air Cleaners. Oil type Air Filter - Oil-bath Air Filter - Oil-wetted Air Filter. Manifold - Manifold. Design Considerations of Manifold - Design Considerations and Construction of Inlet Manifold - Design Considerations and Construction of Exhaust Manifold. Mufflers - Mufflers. Types of Mufflers - Types of Mufflers. Types of Mufflers - Types of Mufflers. Types of Mufflers - Types of Mufflers


Fuel Supply Systems - Fuel Supply System. Parts of Fuel System and Fuel tan - Location of Fuel Tank Fuel Tank. Fuel Filter and Fuel Lines - Fuel Filters. Mechanical Fuel Pump - Types of Fuel Pump. Electrical Fuel Pump - Electrical Fuel Pump. Carburetion Process - Carburetion - Simple Carburetor. Types of Carburetors with respect to Draught - Types of Carburetor. Zenith Carburetor - Constant Choke type Carburetor - Zenith Carburetor. Solex Carburetor - Solex Carburetor. Constant Vacuum Carburetor - Constant Vacuum Carburetor - S.U Carburetor. Petrol Injection System - Turbo charging-Turbocharger- Diesel Engine Fuel System - Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System. Fuel Feed Pump - Fuel Feed Pump - Hand Primer. Diesel Fuel Filters - Fuel Filter. Fuel Injection System - Fuel Injection System. Air and Solid Injection Systems - Air Injection System - Solid Injection System. Common Rail System - Common Rail System. Unit Injection System - Unit Injection System. Individual Pump Type Fuel Injection System - Individual Pump Fuel Injection System. Distributor type Fuel Injection Pump - Distributor type Fuel Injection Pump. Fuel Injector - Fuel Injector. Fuel Injection Pump - Fuel Injection Pump. Nozzle - Nozzle. Types of Nozzle - Types of Nozzle - Single Hole Nozzle. Governor - Governor. Mechanical Governor - Mechanical Governor. Pneumatic Governor - Pneumatic Governor.


Lubrication - Friction - Types of Friction - Functions of Lubrication System. Classification of Lubricants- Classifications of Lubricants. Properties of Lubricants - Properties of Lubricants. Lubrication in Important Parts of Engine - Engine Lubrication - Lubrication in Important Parts of Engine. Requirements of Lubricants - Requirements of Lubricants. Types of Lubrication - Types of Lubrication. Semi-pressure and Dry Sump Lubricating System -Semi-pressure Lubricating System - Dry Sump Lubrication System - Pre- lubrication System. Oil Filters - Oil Filters. Types of Oil Filters - Automobile Oil Filter. Additives of Lubricants - Oil Additives - Types of Oil Additives.


Necessity of Cooling - Necessity of Cooling. Air Cooling- Types of Cooling - Air Cooling. Water Cooling System - Water Cooling System. Pump Circulation System - Pump Circulation System. Components of Liquid Cooling System - Components of Cooling System -Water Pump - Fan - Types of Cooling Fan. Radiator - Radiator - Types of Radiator. Thermostat - Thermostat. Pressure cap and Coolant Additives - Pressure Cap and Expansion Reservoir - Anti-freeze Additives and Corrosion Inhibitors.


Fuels and its types - Fuel - Properties of fuel - Types of fuels - Solid fuels - Advantages and disadvantages of solid fuels - Composition and properties of good commercial solid fuel - Liquid fuels - Advantages and limitations of liquid fuels - Composition and properties of common liquids fuels - Gaseous fuels - Advantages and disadvantages of gaseous fuels - Composition and properties of gaseous fuels - Merits and demerits of liquid fuels over solid fuels - Merits and demerits of gaseous fuels over liquid fuels - Calorific value of fuels - Calorific value of fuels - Du long's formula for HCV and LCV - Problem 1 - Problem 2. I.C. Engine fuels - Engine fuels. I.C. Engine fuels rating – Octane number - Octane number. Cetane number and HUCR - Cetane number - Rating of fuels for C.I. Engines - Highest useful compression ratio (HUCR). Fuel additives or dopes - Additives or dopes - Additives used in petrol - Additives used in diesel. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous mixtures -Mixtures - Homogeneous mixtures - Heterogeneous mixtures. Combustion in SI engines - Combustion - Combustion process in SI engines. Detonation in S.I. engine - Normal combustion - Detonation in S.I. engine - Control of Detonation - Phenomenon of detonation in S.I engines - Pre- ignition - Pre- ignition - Control of pre ignitions - Summary of variables affecting detonation in SI engines. Combustion in CI engines - Combustion in diesel engine - Factors affecting combustion in C.I engine - Diesel knock in C.I. engines - Delay period in C.I engines - Factor reducing knock in C.I. engines. Diesel knock - Control of knock in C.I engines - Summary of variables affecting knock in an engine - Factors Affecting Detonation/Knocks.